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Export a synoptic

The last step of this tour deals with synoptic exportation. Synoptic can not only be saved and restored in a JSynoptic file format, but it is also possible to print it, toexport it into several formats (html, bitmap images...).

Save and restore a synoptic

It is possible to save and restore a synoptic in a .syn format file. Sheets can be moved to a different path or machine expected that its dependancies in a similar way.

What is .syn file?

.syn file is a JSynoptic binary file used for 2D sheets saving. Data sources values are not saved in .syn files, just their references. When loading a .syn file, a reference restoration mechanism takes place.

Print tool

Synoptics can be print to a printer or a file, using a print dialog box.

Export it

It is possible to export current sheet into a bitmapped image (e.g .JPEG).

You can also analyse you synoptic using sheet information document

What is sheet information document ?

Sheet Information Document (SID) is an HTML document describing current sheet shapes attributes. The document can be slit into 2 parts.

  • The first part contains a bitmap representation of current sheet.
    • Some markers (a red circle with an reference number) are added on each shapes.
    • When clicking on image elements, properties related to this element are displayed in an array.
  • The second part reports all elements properties in arrays. A such array is composed of 2 columns:
    • Shape property name
    • Shape property value