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Bring data

It is possible to bring data to JSynoptic. Data can come from any source of information, provided that a plugin is able to process the concerned kind of data.

Basically, information comes from:

  • A binary or ASCII file
  • A socket connection
  • A generated data (mathematical, range, random...), using JSynoptic tools.

Moreover, a plugin can bring its owns data sources. Following figure displays some of those data sources. You should refer to the specific data source help page to know more about your source of information.

Browse data in a source tree

Data sources are gathered into a data source pool. They are displayed in a tree structure according to their hierarchical decomposition.

  • A data sources collection can gather some data sources.
  • Data sources themselves can gather auxiliary data sources (time, raw values for example).

The data source pool shows composed data sources or collections with a alongside. To display an extanted view of a selected item, select the and the children item are displayed in the tree structure.

Nodes tree can also be toggled off with the icon.

Source pane holds all available data in a tree structure.

Data source collection

When using different data sources, common properties (the way they are updated for instance) could appear. In this case a data source collection can be created. A collection is a group including different data sources. It appears as a folder in the data source pool.

Display data source information

A data source can provide following meta-information:

  • Id: exhaustive data source identification
  • Label: data source name, as displayed in data source pool
  • Alias: data source surname, defined by user
  • Unit: data source unit, displayed in plots, texts...
  • Comment: short description of data source

It is possible to display information about data source in a dialog box:

  • Select a data source in the data source pool
  • Right click to poen contextual popup menu and select Data source information
  • A dialog box is displayed:

Data information dialog box.

Data information dialog box displays selected data source meta-information, and its last value. According to data source nature, auxiliary data sources information can also be displayed.

A data can be dynamic

A data source can be dynamic. In that case, it appears with a icon. Dynamic data source values change dynamically during the time.

Dynamic data in the data pool