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Welcome to JSynoptic !!

JSynoptic is a free 100% Java application dedicated to import and render dynamically or statically information.

JSynoptic's extensive feature set includes:

  • A data source pool that gathers all imported data sources.
  • A graphical sheet editor that allows user to set up and edit shapes on several sheets.
  • A strong tool library to configure shape dynamic properties, to transform data (interpolation, time offsets).
  • A plugin driven architecture that makes JSynoptic easy to extend for your specific needs.


Try a quick tour

This quick tour of JSynoptic will introduce the scope of the software, and walk you through its functionalities including a short description, and instructions on how to use them. This document is essentially a 'getting started' document with workflow explanations. Please refer to JSynoptic User Manual for detailed technical notes on the tool and its functionalities.

Lastest news

04 February 2009

JSynoptic V2.7.0 has been posted to the download page at SourceForge.

See download section for furhter information about all new features


JSynoptic was developed seven years ago as an internal product for Astrium to analyze satellite simulation outputs.

The main author left the original company but continues to work on the product. JSynoptic is now also used by other parties, and released to the public under the LGPL license.


JSynoptic is a Java application. Therefore a Java Run-time Environment shall be installed on your system.

Note: JRE 1.4 is currently the oldest version that complies with JSynoptic application.

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